Water & Utility Billing

Utility Billing

The City of Union City provides water, sewer, and refuse collection. Utility meters are read and bills generated to customers on a monthly basis. Penalty is charged on payments made after the due date. Service charges apply to accounts not paid before 10:00am on cut off day. An additional fee is charged for after hour reconnection due to non-payment.

All requests for city utility services must be made in person at City Hall. The following requirements and conditions must be met before establishing service.

  • A picture ID
  • Proof of social security number
  • Renters must have a copy of the lease agreement
  • Property owners must have a copy of the deed
  • Any previous delinquent accounts must be satisfied in full
  • Residential Renters Water Deposit: $75
  • Business Renters Water Deposit: $125 (minimum)
  • Homeowners Water Deposit: None

The above conditions are based on uniform policy without exception.