Property Maintenance

There are a lot of things that impact quality of life - the education of our children, ease of transportation, job opportunities, and access to cultural amenities. While it might not be at the top of everyone’s list, neighborhood integrity certainly impacts our sense of community as well.

There are reasons why there are rules and regulations when it comes to maintaining your property. A well maintained home speaks to caring individuals committed to preserving the integrity of a community. It helps Union City remain a desirable place to live, and ensures our collective safety and harmony.

Our codes officers look at a number of things that may be in violation of City code, which include but are not limited to tall grass and weeds, accumulation of garbage, grass clippings blown into streets, rotted wood, littered premises, damaged siding, fences, sheds and decks in a state of disrepair, and unregistered or non-running vehicles.

In the event our inspectors note a violation, a notice is sent to the registered owner with a compliance date for correction. Reasonable requests for extensions are considered. If needed, municipal citations are issued for non-compliance.

The City of Union City is asking all residents to remain vigilant, not only by maintaining your own property, but by being our eyes and ears in your neighborhood, reporting any challenges you might see. Between your eyes and our initiatives, we can ensure that our neighborhoods maintain the quality we have come to expect in Union City.

Common Property Maintenance Violations

Care of Premises
Example: Care of Premises
Broken Window
Example: Broken Window
Dilapidated Shed/Garage
Example: Dilapidated Shed/Garage
Inoperable/Unlicensed Vehicle
Example: Inoperable/Unlicensed Vehicle
Example: Junk/Overgrowth
Excessive Yard Debris
Example: Excessive Yard Debris
Building Material
Example: Building Material
Abandoned Property
Example: Abandoned Property


Director - Jim Temple